Now that January’s finally behind us, it’s time to come out of hibernation and share an overdue update of what I’ve been up to in my newfound portfolio career & consultancy focus.

2019 was a big one for me… after the unrelenting intensity of running my own agency for 5 years (while trying to raise 3 vaguely normal children!), I needed some headspace and mental rest. I took advantage of being my own boss and took some time off, exploring India in January, spending quality time with my mum and sister in the summer and visiting Singapore in October.

This gave me time to think about what makes me tick and how I want to work. I was feeling the need to play the field, to be braver, explore new sectors that I would never have dreamt of, with new clients, new partners…. out of my comfort zone!

Hence my liberating decision to go solo as a Comms Consultant, no longer a PR agency that does the typical things an agency does, that I’ve done for 21 years. I was craving that adrenalin of your first day in your first job – the fear of doing things you’ve never done before. In my case last year this included new partnerships, B2B clients, freelance work, in-house advisory roles, judging awards, speaking at events and learning new skills.

Since becoming more “strategically selfish”, I’ve expanded my horizons and given myself a massive kick into my discomfort zone, partly inspired by @FarahStorr – “It is only by spending time in our discomfort zone that we can grow, and improve, and realise our full potential.”

And in venturing into my discomfort zone, things have fallen into place and I’m feeling stimulated and challenged. I also focused on a lifestyle goal to stay close to my roots and have established a portfolio of South Africa-based clients that need UK strategy and profile.

The first is the exclusive duo of Harbour House Restaurants in Cape Town, who this evening are hosting some of England’s top cricket correspondents for dinner. What a pleasure to talk about sunshine, seafood & sushi during the bleak UK winter months, especially with the exchange rate, extreme temperature difference and lack of jet lag! Any journalists interested in a short break or already visiting Cape Town & keen to review, please DM me.

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